Our story in photos



Rebuilding the Barn and the Greenhouses: 2012-2014

In 2012 we purchased land nearby to re-start Evening Song Farm.  It was a daunting and exhausting several years to build the infrastructure that our farm would need long-term, while we simultaneously continued to run our fledgling farm business.  We're grateful for all the friends, family, neighbors, apprentices, and contractors who helped us through this time.


Building a home on new land: 2013-2015

We broke ground for our home in the fall of 2013.  We're thankful to have been able to hire out most of the heavy-lifting like sitework, framing, siding, and roofing, and it was a great experience for us to do a lot of the interior work like flooring, tiling, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and painting.  We don't envy the days when our home was a construction zone full of materials, extension cords, tools, and sawdust, but we feel so lucky for it to be a comfortable and welcoming living space now.

Evening Song Now: 2015-present

2015 marked the first year when it felt like we weren't simultaneously farming and re-building our farm.  It's a wonderful blessing to have gotten through the rebuilding phase, and to be able to put more of our attention into making our farm a healthier ecosystem for our crops, our crew, ourselves, and the long-term productivity of this piece of land.  We were happy to finally get married in August 2015, and in November 2016 we welcomed the youngest member of the Evening Song team: Sky Lyon Fitzbeauchamp. In 2018, we finally did the work to become certified organic!