Our story in photos

Our journey as farmers began 9 years ago on a 1 acre market garden: this page takes you on a brief photo tour through where we've been and where we are now.


Journey's End CSA, Sterling PA, 2009-2010

Journey's End Farm Camp gave us our first opportunity to run our own market garden.  We're grateful to the Curtis family for the chance to practice managing our first small farm business.  This experience was the 'training wheels' we needed to get be we are today.



Evening Song Farm, Cuttingsville VT, 2011

In the summer of 2010 we were thrilled to purchase the perfect piece of land to start our own small farm: 10 acres on Route 103 with a beautiful barn and old farmhouse.  Our first growing season in 2011 was a challenging and rewarding experience to scale up our market garden to a 3 acre production farm.  We were lucky to have ended up in a wonderful community that welcomed us.

Tropical Storm Irene: August 29th 2011

In the peak of Evening Song Farm's first summer harvest, tropical storm Irene caused the Mill River to overflow its bank and flood our fields.  That land is located in a narrow river valley in the Green Mountains, and the velocity of the river caused it to carve a new riverbed right through the land that we had begun to cultivate.  We evacuated our home and returned the next day to find our home and barn safe from the water, but our land destroyed beyond recognition. 

Before and After

The photos are paired to give a sense of how thoroughly our land was changed in less than a day: the 'before' photos were taken just weeks before the 'after' photos.  The final image is video footage that was taken shortly after we lost our farmland.