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At Evening Song Farm, CSA members sign up to receive their choice of certified organic fresh, seasonal vegetables each week. We offer an 8-week spring share, a 20-week summer share, and an 8-week fall share.  (We are taking 2019 off from a winter CSA, but will resume winter options the following winter when we have an additional tunnel for winter greens.) We grow a wide variety of vegetables: over 50 varieties such as baby salad greens, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, hard neck garlic, and shiitake mushrooms!  Our free-choice model allows you to choose the vegetables you want. Now you can pick up your share at the farm, in Ludlow, or in Rutland year round.

You can sign up at any time! Did one of the seasons already start, but you want to jump in? Send us an email and we will prorate your cost based on when you join!


Share Sizes

A small share selects 6 items per week: suitable for 1 to 2 people. A medium share picks 8 items per week: enough for a family. A large share chooses 10 items per week: a nice amount of veggies for a family that loves to cook. (Examples of “items” are a bag of salad greens, a bunch of carrots, 1½ pounds of onions, a pint of cherry tomatoes, etc.) 


Paying for your share

A $50 deposit is due with your sign up to reserve your spot. The remaining is due at the first pickup. Pay in full by May 1st for the summer share, and subtract $10 from your total. Pay by cash or check and save an extra $10. If you are unable to make your deposit now, or if you need a different payment schedule, just let us know: we’ll happily work with you. Contact us about paying with EBT.

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Has the CSA season you want to sign up for already started? That's ok! We will prorate your cost for when you jump in!


April 19th - June 8th
Small share: $165
Medium share: $210
Large share: $245

Summer Share 2019

June 13th - October 26th
Small share: $390
Medium share: $495
Large share: $585

Fall Share 2019

November 1st - December 21st
Small share: $165
Medium share: $210
Large share: $245

Want to know even more?

Check out our CSA Frequently Asked Questions