Our CSA // Frequently Asked Questions

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between farms and eaters in which members sign up to receive weekly, fresh, seasonal vegetables. We offer an 8-week spring share, a 20-week summer share, and an 8-week fall share. You can sign up for one or all of these seasons. We grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetables: over 50 varieties such as baby salad greens, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, hard neck garlic, and shiitake mushrooms!

"Will I be able to choose what goes in my share?"

You choose all your vegetables each week: take what you like, leave what you don’t, and try something different for a new recipe.

"I'm going to miss a week, can I pick up extra items before and/or after?"

If you ever miss a pickup week, planned or unplanned, you can make up those missed items before, after, or a combination of both.  We ask that you keep track of those extra items yourself, and make them up by the end of the season or shortly after.

"What's so great about vegetables from a local farm like Evening Song?"

Freshness. Flavor. Variety. Our customers rave about the difference in flavor and shelf life between our fresh garden produce and supermarket produce. Eating vegetables at their peak deliciousness is an adventure! Plus, choosing certified organic food means you know your food is being grown with safe practices for the earth and the eaters.

"How does CSA pricing compare to shopping at the Farmer's Market?"

In exchange for the commitment of eating fresh, certified organic, local produce from our farm for the season, you receive a significant discount off farmers’ market prices.

"How convenient is it to pick up my share?"

In the summer and fall you can pick up your share at the Rutland Farmers’ Market (Saturdays), the Ludlow Farmers’ Market (Fridays), or at the farm all day Thursdays and Fridays. (That’s 3 locations over 32 hours in the summer!) The spring share is only available at the farm and in Rutland.

"How will I know what's new?"

Each week you receive a newsletter with farm updates, recipes, and tips for how to use and store your vegetables for the week. With the CSA relationship, members get an inside look into the operation of a small farm ecosystem. We love what we do, and enjoy the creativity of turning vegetables into delicious meals. Ask us for food ideas and share some of your own.

"How big is a share?"

A small share selects 6 items per week: suitable for 1 to 2 people. A medium share picks 8 items per week: enough for a family. A large share chooses 10 items per week: a nice amount of veggies for a family that loves to cook. (Examples of “items” are a bag of salad greens, a bunch of carrots, 1½ pounds of onions, a pint of cherry tomatoes, etc.) 

"How do I pay for my share?"

A $50 deposit is due with your sign up to reserve your spot. The remaining is due at the first pickup. Pay in full by April 1st for the summer share, and subtract $10 from your total. (Pay with cash or check, and take an additional $10 off!) If you are unable to make your deposit now, or if you need a different payment schedule, just let us know: we’ll happily work with you. Contact us about paying with EBT. If you haven’t paid for your share by September 1st, and haven’t set up a payment plan, there is a $20 late fee.

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Spring Share 2019

April 19th - June 8th
Small share: $165
Medium share: $210
Large share: $245

Summer Share 2019

June 13th - October 26th
Small share: $390
Medium share: $495
Large share: $585

Fall Share 2019

November 1st - December 21st
Small share: $165
Medium share: $210
Large share: $245


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