We are hoping that you find our brand new website (thanks for your help Katie Hamlin!) easier to use, and as requested by many folks, the newsletters we send out to members will also be archived there so you can look for old recipes that you enjoyed during the season.

And most excitingly, we have our 2017 CSA options listed on the site for our spring, summer, and fall options. 

Snow covered field, cover crops and fall brassicas. Photo by Adam Ford

Shiitake mushroom log stacks covered under the snow. Photo by Adam Ford

Farm News

This time of year our days are filled with a surprising amount of office work: ordering seeds, supplies, soil amendments, posting job openings, making a new website, getting our brochure out, writing budgets, planning projects, attending conferences, and strategizing on improving growing methods for certain crops.

Some of the things we want to tackle in this upcoming season include:

  • establish a reliable backup heat source for our seed starting green house,
  • keep making improvements on our crop production
  • experiment with growing oyster mushrooms on logs
  • replace plastic on our high tunnels
  • improve some irrigation systems
  • experiment with more grafted tomatoes
  • continue to experiment with tiny amounts of exciting crops that may one day be rolled out for larger production on our farm
  • hopefully (and finally!) finish filling out our organic certification paperwork)
Sky overseeing the work of washing winter greens on a sunny January day.

Sky overseeing the work of washing winter greens on a sunny January day.

And also raise a little human--Sky Lyon Fitzbeauchamp.  

The other major thing we work on this time of year besides planning and repairing things is harvesting firewood. This winter we are trying to significantly ramp up our harvesting to be ready for whatever wood heating system we establish for our seed starting greenhouse. Our chainsaws may be working overtime this winter!

We hope you are all doing well. Let us know if you have any questions about this year's CSA options. We are still offering $10 off the summer share price if you pay in full by April 1st. 

Have a great week, and we hope you eat well!

-Kara and the ESF team

Sky sleeping on our friend's daughter

Sky sleeping on our friend's daughter